A Pet Ecom Marketplace | Facebook Ads

  • Scaling a Pet Marketplace brand from ₹22,785 to ₹6,15,384 within 4 months!
  • 4.6X Cumulative ROAS

In July 2022, we started working with a pet marketplace brand.

The brand has previously worked with other agencies but discontinued due to performance issues. When we onboarded, they were making roughly ₹20,000 from organic and paid sales channels with the help of their own effort.

We were tasked with helping them scale their overall brand revenue whilst hitting pre-determined KPIs using Facebook Ads, creative strategy and CRO.

Their ad accounts needed to be completely revamped. They weren't optimized, and not enough was being tested. So we implemented a structure that allowed us to test creative efficiently and quickly whilst working on the foundations that previously prevented them from scaling.

Although the brand had numerous products, we researched and focused on 2-3 product categories for customer acquisition and upselling other products through Whatsapp, email marketing and retargeting through Facebook.

We tested ad creatives and copy with ABO and scaled the campaign with the help of CBO.